Our Plants
We pride ourselved on the range and quality of our plants

Exotic Plants

We have a great range of exotic species that we can assure quality and source. As exotic plants are becoming increasingly popular we want our customers to be able to find something they like and be able to care for, that’s why we can help with our top tips section where you can find excellent documents and information on how to care for all types of plants and go into detail on more unique planting and caring tips.


Everyone is unique and has a particular style for their garden, but what’s our favourite garden plant? We love roses. The colour the shape and how it is so well known we pride ourselves on excellent quality roses back by our years’ experience. Let us know what your favourite plants are, and we can see if we can help you get some!

Need help choosing?

We are always happy to help with any inquiries or sourcing any garden plants you want, but if you would like to look at our current stock and see if anything takes your fancy please link the button below to see our current stock available direct to your door!